Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Garden

I'm sure some of you are constantly wondering "How is the garden?!". We find ourselves asking the same question to each other. You just never know what could happen when Duncan is in charge.

I'm happy to say the tomatoes are looking good!
keep growing tomaters.

And, also happy to saw the cilantro is looking great!
some of you will be in my dinner tonight.
I regret to inform you the basil did not make the Duncan Uprooting and Playing with the Pot Scandal. 
I'm sorry basil. We tried. You must smell good to Duncan Dog.
I'd imagine we will plant more basil. Probably this weekend. We will probably also clean the pot from evidence of abuse (so the new basil doesn't get scared).

We will miss you basil... until we plant more this weekend.
again, we are sorry.

-Jack and Kayla

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