Sunday, July 1, 2012

Smart Dog, Cool Dog

It's beginning to hit 100+ degrees each day and Duncan has a new spot to keep cool:

He has figured out the red dirt is cooler than the concrete. I'm glad he is finding ways to beat the heat, but he gets all dirty and ends up needing a hose bath (consisting of using the hose to rinse him).

He makes us laugh.
Stay cool.
-Jack and Kayla

Desert and Beach Life

Jack and I have been on two family vacations this summer. First, we headed out to Scottsdale with his parents, Jordan and Trey, his grandparents, and his aunt, uncle and cousins! It was a fabulous week in Arizona - great weather and great surroundings.

Full suburban - six people, 6 bags, 3 golf bags.
 Sadly, these are the only two pictures I can find of the week right now....

Yummy mac and cheese - I ate the twice during the week!
The following month, we headed back to the lovely beaches of 30-A as we loved our time there last year. A similar group as our dessert vacation came along, however we missed spending time with Trey since he had to start his job while we were there. There is something so special about the beach. I think worries are not allowed to be there.

First in line for donuts at 6:30am.

beach day.

So we rented beach bikes (think baskets and wide handle bars) and rode 9 miles into Seaside. It was fun, but the 9 mile ride home was ....not fun. But fun.


Jack likes taking nature pictures.
Once in Seaside, Jack got a lobster roll.

I got a Grilled Cheese.

We had some snow cones.

A needed refreshing treat.

Coolest dog water bowl contraption ever - 30-A loves dogs and this contraption proves it!

Before dinner one night.

We hope you get some time this summer to go somewhere with friends and family. If not, plan a staycation! We are huge supporters of vacations. 

Vacations are awesome.
-Jack and Kayla

P.S. For those wondering about Duncan Dog, he goes to a pet resort in Norman while we are gone. He loves it there. The sweet ladies love him too - we are so thankful he is a good boy while we are gone!

Jack Graduates!

It's been a few months now, but Jack is done with school! He graduated with his Masters in April. The graduation ceremony included undergraduates and graduates - for the entire college! I'm so proud of Jack for completing! No more late night (or early morning) studying!

Walking in.


Congratulations, Jack, MBA.
-Jack and Kayla