Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Halfway through the Week

I think I am getting the hang of this blog thing!

Jack and I finally got his grill from his old house in Norman this past weekend. We strapped it down in his truck and drove north! We are grilling chicken tonight! Jack is very excited to have it back and to be grilling on it.  Our new favorite potatoes are Idahoan potatoes. They may be called instant potatoes to some, but they are melt in your mouth good! Just add water!!  Jack also requested broccoli... the one thing my niece Ava eats that I do not (we are both picky eaters). 

I am going to attempt to bake some Barefoot Contessa Red Velvet cupcakes tonight. I haven't baked them before, so I'm a little nervous. I haven't figured out our old oven either. I think it has some hot spots, where parts of the oven get hotter than the others. We have adjusted by simply turning our food halfway through the cook time.

It's very large and has some strange compartment to the left of the oven. It doesn't get warm, it doesn't really close, and it's sort of pointless to Jack and I. Any ideas?

That's all for today! Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Duncan's Training

Duncan is our (almost) 8 month old silver lab. He brings so much JOY to everyone.

Jack has been training with him. We have mastered potty training (mostly)... now, it's halftime performance training (Video clip to come soon as I learn how to post a video).

We are working on several acts for the halftime (note: there is no real halftime; we are just telling him to prepare for one, in case the opportunity arises... or we just need entertainment at a party).

We love Duncan - even if he steal socks and Kleenexes and we have to give him a bath after each rain storm.

Thanks for reading!

A case of the Mondays

What a Monday! I am glad it's a four day work week for me (Jack doesn't get Good Friday off).

I came home at lunch to meet the Bug Guy to spray for bugs. Since we moved in, I have been noticing a lot of bugs. Our landlord arranged for the Bug Guy to come today. When he asked me what kind of bugs we were having... I said "crunchy ones". Typical girl answer. Turns out, we have cockroaches... we had cockroaches. Gross.

Our next battle, the birds nest on our front porch!

Jack removes the nest almost everyday; these birds are persistent!

(As I am typing this, I can hear them chirping outside).

We will need to teach Duncan to scare them away... or we will just settle for some moth balls or another strategic method.

Thanks for reading! I hope I can keep up and blog periodically!

Jack and Kayla