Monday, February 28, 2011

Duncan goes to the Vet

Duncan and I went to the Vet this afternoon (a new one since our old one... well, sort of left the practice) to get a rabies shot and to have his foot looked at - he has been licking it all weekend! We noticed it was a little red, hairless, and raised; we thought it was just a hot spot. But, it wasn't a hot spot....
Sweet Dunky
He actually has a little histiocytosis (I think, don't quote me), but it's just a little benign bump on his foot. He got a a steroid shot to break the mass up and got his whole foot wrapped. I'm actually impressed the bandaged is still on; I thought for sure he would have shredded it by now.

Just resting. The actual bump is NOT that big.
He is walking and acting just fine. I have a syringe full of a topical cream that tastes bad that will start tomorrow... he is in for a real treat! 


p.s. - Duncan recently got a taste of what it's like to stay up all night... we woke up Friday morning to find out we never closed his crate door! We have no idea what shenanigans he pulled.... Needless to say, he isn't to be left alone.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

 If there were no words
No way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears
No way to feel inside
I’d still feel for you
Monmouth, 2008
  And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time
You’re all I need, my love, my valentine

Kite and Key, 2008
 All of my life
I have been waiting for
All you give to me
You’ve opened my eyes
And showed me how to love unselfishly

Sam's Place, 2007
 I’ve dreamed of this a thousand times before
But in my dreams I couldn’t love you more
I will give you my heart
Until the end of time...
You’re all I need, my love, my valentine
LOVE - Vegas, 2008
And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart until the end of time
’cause all I need is you, my valentine
You’re all I need, my love, my valentine

Kite and Key, 2006 (Our "first" date)

Happy Valentine's Day!
(Thanks Martina McBride for this wonderful song)

I love you Jack!
-J&K (Well, mostly K today).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blizzard 2011, Part 2 (Not so blizzardy)

I am starting to forget what it is like to work on a Wednesday. This crazy Oklahoma weather has been quite entertaining. I believe our weatherman said it has been the second snowiest month in Oklahoma history. This storm wasn't as blizzard like, but it did have dangerously cold wind chill values. Here are some progression pictures from this part two storm.

Night Before - back patio.

Morning - back  patio

Morning - front planter
Night before - front planter

We had some huge snow flakes this morning!

Snow drift in the front. Last week's drift never fully melted. Now, it will be here until my birthday.
Before the storm. In the Homeland parking lot.
Ugh, my car is making a horrendous mess in the garage.
Duncan Dog, he just loves snow!

Just like Will Rogers once said "If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait and it will change."

 Looks like my first Wednesday back to work will be a sunny, mild day.

Happy Wednesday - from the almost stir crazy and someone needs to stop baking treats,

(PS. I am about to go dip my cake balls into their chocolate goodness.)

Why, yes, that can be our last name

According to the City of Oklahoma City Alarm and Permits Division, we are ...

Sorry for the unnecessary head tilt.
The Bevrkink's.

Jack has seen every version of the last name, but this one, was a first. Perhaps I didn't write legibly? Bad typos?

Who knows. I'll make a call and get this corrected.

Until then, Bevrkink.


(PS. also that day I got a "Gerurkink" on a package.)

1 Year!

I can't believe this was us a little over one year ago -

And we celebrated in warm WARM climate, below the equator. We miss St. Lucia!

A year later, we are happy. So happy. We had a lovely dinner and dessert (on the house, courtesy of Red Prime Steak). We have been snowed in (and off work, together) and have truly been able to relax (and unpack).

And, we had our "top layer" of our cake. (Our cake lady - Amy Cakes - makes you a "top layer" as a first anniversary cake. This way, you get her cake fresh just like you remembered it on your wedding.)
 It was delicious, as always. We love Amy Cakes!

To many, many more anniversaries. I love you Jack!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little Duncan Video

Two Duncan videos for you enjoyment.
We are not sure what these noises mean.

Hope this made you smile (or even laugh). Happy Thursday!

-Jack and Kayla

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks for the reminder...

Facebook is so kind to remind me what is on Sunday (other than the superbowl!). Perhaps it's due to the fact I have told them that piece of information... either way -


Blizzard 2011 Continues..

We haven't left our house in two days! We have been productive, both inside and outside. Yesterday, Jack got his tools our and mounted the TV in the living room. 
Finding the studs with his new stud finder.
 While I am not ready to put holes in the walls, I was ready for these holes. In fact, I left the room. I could still hear the drill.... but I knew Jack had it under control.
It looks great! Next up, trying to wire everything.

Today, we ventured outside the house. We bundled up and played with Duncan a little bit. Jack shoveled the driveway (some of our new neighbors came over to help! what a blessing!)
Loves LOVES the snow.

Super Dog - He can do anything with the squirrel Frisbee!

Just having fun!

The sidewalk is... well, somewhere.

Here's some of the fun we had -

While Jack was working hard at shoveling (and mingling with the neighbors), I baked cupcakes (naturally).

Working on my decorating techniques.

Just some fun designs.

I had leftover icing and I wanted to fulfill my dream to make a rose! Not too bad for my first rose.
I think we are excited to get out of the house tomorrow, even if its to go to work. We have had a fun two days of snow! However, I think I heard another "arctic blast" coming this weekend... I have mixed feelings about cheering on springtime (springtime = allergies, allergies = miserable Kayla), but we are ready for some warmer temperatures!

 -jack and kayla

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Facelift

I hope you enjoy the new layout of the blog. It's something I have been wanting to revamp and I luckily found a free day to do so... thank you blizzard 2011. I still have a few ideas I want to try...

Blizzard 2011

The thunder-snow has stuck in Oklahoma City! Jack and I went to bed last night knowing my work was canceled and his had a delayed start. We could hear the sleet hitting our windows as we drifted asleep. Morning comes, Jack's office is closed, and we have snow drifts already at 3 feet! The high today is 11; but the wind chill is -15!

The patio is lightly dusted with snow.

Duncan loves the snow, but he agrees the wind makes so cold. (He is inside today; he just went outside for a brief moment to take care of his business).

Drifts along the fence.

Our sidewalk... is about 3 feet below the snow.

Our front porch, not too horrible.

The best drift I have seen since... Christmas 2009.

Backdoor drift. Duncan trampled it.
We are so blessed to have power, heat, lots of food, and weathermen guiding us through this Blizzard.
Stay warm Oklahoma, and stay inside!!

-Jack and Kayla