Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fried Oreo Season

Jack and I went to the Great State Fair of Oklahoma last week with some friends from our small group. State Fair also means - Fried Oreo season. I have fried Oreo's twice a year - once at the Oklahoma State Fair then again at the Texas State Fair. Fried Oreo season only lasts about 3 weeks, but it is a special time.

State Fair also means a time to try ridiculous foods. We keep it pretty tame.

First Up, Fried Oreos.

Jack had Jalapeno Fried Curds (what a horrible name, but he said they were delicious)

New this year - red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese icing. Best purchase of the night.
Our small group is awesome. Shawn has a thing for fair games....

Playing games, trying to win the biggest stuff animal.

Bucket of rings to try to throw on the glass bottles.

Game two, revisiting one from last.

Actually, the best purchase came this glorious place...
the best cinnamon rolls in the land.

Happy Fried Oreo Season. The season will end shortly... enjoy while you can.

Deep fried happy.
-Jack and Kayla

Puppy Dogs

Duncan celebrated his second Geurkinkaversary a few weeks ago. We are so happy to this fun loving puppy dog in our life. He is a ball of energy, but is starting to realize lounging around isn't all that bad.

We love you, Duncan doodle.

This year, his Geurkinkaversary was shared with a sad event. Jobee, my first dog and my mom's best friend, passed away at the age of 12. Jobee was the funniest, smartest, bossiest poodle ever. For the past 12 years, we have always asked each other why Jobee is so nutty - my dad blames the May 3rd tornados since Jobee's mom was pregnant with him when the tornados hit down the street from Jobee's house. It really seems like last year, we drove and picked Jobee out - actually, he picked me. For 12 years, Jobee gaurded the cul-de-sac, barked at any and every noise, performed his signature cool down dance, begged for cookies (and would eventually gripe my mom out for not giving him one in a timely manner), and snuggled with whoever he could. We have so many great memories of Jobee and we will cherish them forever. 12 years is a long time to have a best friend, we will miss you Jobelan.

While we miss Jobee dearly, Rusty is now an only child and gets to be in charge now. Jobee and Rusty are quite the opposite. Rusty is much more laid back than Jobee... it will be interesting to see Rusty handles his new responsibilites.

Mom and the boys.

Jobelan Sache Medina. Probably should of used some tear wipes before this picture.

We miss you Jobee. Thanks for 12 years of poodle fun.
-Jack and Kayla

Welcome, Fall!

It's been refreshing to see the high of only 80 - so long triple digit weather. Instead of seeing the morning low in the 80s, we had a morning low of mid 50s.

last picture of the weather according to my car, promise.
It's been great. Jack is waiting for the burn ban to be lifted so we can legally enjoy an outdoor fire. Oklahoma City just needs a little more rain in order for that to happen.

Duncan is also enjoying the cooler temps. So much so, he ended his summer season with a bang.
No more pool for Duncan.

bottomless swimming pool, anyone?
Welcome Fall. We hope you stay a while before it starts snowing.

Happy Fall, Y'all!
-Jack and Kayla

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun work event!

I work for a pretty awesome company in Oklahoma City. My CEO has connections. Last Friday, work hosted an event for Rob Lowe - yup, the movie star. He was in town for an event with a local hospital. He talked about his book (which I bought and heard it is hilariously funny). He has a pretty awesome story and I learned we share a birthday.

My CEO got him to say Boomer Sooner. and he left with Thunder jersey. and has a 60 foot crew racing boat named for him.
I'm hoping to start his book today, after I get some chores done... and maybe take a sunday napper.
-Jack and Kayla

Football Time in Oklahoma!

Boomer Sooner! We are so excited football season is here.
This is the only article of clothing Duncan has. He loves it.

Our favorite time of the year.
Chase for 8.
-Jack and Kayla


This summer, Oklahoma City broke some ridiculous records. We over over 50 or so days of 100+ degree weather. Here's an overwhelming amount of pictures I took on various days showing how hot my car thought it was. I think the pictures start out in June and end sometime in August.

This one wins. Congratulations 119 degree picture.

Oklahoma is known for it's crazy weather. I wonder what is in store for fall and winter.

...where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.
-Jack and Kayla

Grand Lake was grand!

We wrapped up our August with a trip to Grand Lake with two other couples from our small group. These 4 have been in our lives for a year now and have truly enriched us with fun, laughter, and community. Our small group has grown since the beginning, but we are so lucky to have them in our lives.

Shawn water skiing.

Jake water skiing. He did so good for his first time! I think the pirate face is caused by overwhelming amounts of lake water in his eyes.

Blurry action pic, but Jack and Jake tubing.

My husband, my love.

Brittany is a stud wake boarder.

Our friends.

Jake, Lea and Shawn.

Shawn and Jack.

We had lots of fun! No major injuries, lots of laughing, some sunburns and a little bit of dehydation. Thanks for being such great hosts Brittany and Shawn!

It was grand.
-Jack and Kayla

Houston Trip

Here are some pictures from our trip to Houston last month. It was a short trip, but we enjoyed seeing my family.

My Grandma (and Chuck Norris on the tv)

We love you Grandma!
My grandma has two tiny toy poodles and they are just the sweetest, funniest girls ever.

Shablee and Jack have a special relationship.
So, I didn't take all that many pictures. I will need to next time. Next time, my trip will be longer too.

On a side note, Houston Hobby has this resturant - Pappa's Burgers. We ate there earlier this summer during a layover. We made a quick stop to grab some milkshakes to go. Delicious!

I did very much enjoy my airport stroll with my oreo shake in hand.

See you soon Houston!
-Jack and Kayla

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh, hey there September

The month of August flew by to say the least, which goes against my theory that my last blog post was just a few days ago... wrong. We were busy every weekend in August, but we loved every weekend in August.

We went to Houston to see my Grandma, which also means seeing my aunt, uncle, two cousins, five dogs and a turtle. Two of our college friends, who moved to Houston to work after graduating,  met up with us for a movie. We miss our friends; it was so great seeing them. I'm sure I have a few pictures from the weekend, but my camera is in the other room.... and maybe I'm being a bit lazy... and maybe it's because I'm on Jack's Mac, which I don't know much about.

We went to Grand Lake and it was grand. We went up to meet two other couples from our small group. We had a great weekend cruising the lake and relaxing. I know I have pictures from this weekend, but again, the camera is still in the other room. I promise I will post some this weekend. We also stopped in Tulsa on our way back to see the Harpers. My nieces and nephew are hilarious. My nephew might be the funniest 2 year old I know. They rock my socks off.

The one good thing about September - Football season (and my ginormous work project is sort of finished). Jack has been listening to the Sports Animal, reading, and in preparation for the Sooners chase for 8. We enjoyed the seasoner opener last weekend in Norman. We spent time with Jack's sister and brother in law, Jack's parents and his gramps. We spent a good chunk of our time at the SigEp house. We had fun. It was super hot, even at kickoff, which was 7pm. I actually stole Jordan's water for myself because I was on the verge of passing out from dehydration. That part wasn't fun, but overall it was fun. We love football season. We love that our out of town friends come in for games. We miss them.

What's in store for this weekend you ask? Nothing.

I hope it stays that way.
-Jack and Kayla

p.s. I will post some pictures. I will post some pictures. I will post some pictures.