Sunday, September 25, 2011

Puppy Dogs

Duncan celebrated his second Geurkinkaversary a few weeks ago. We are so happy to this fun loving puppy dog in our life. He is a ball of energy, but is starting to realize lounging around isn't all that bad.

We love you, Duncan doodle.

This year, his Geurkinkaversary was shared with a sad event. Jobee, my first dog and my mom's best friend, passed away at the age of 12. Jobee was the funniest, smartest, bossiest poodle ever. For the past 12 years, we have always asked each other why Jobee is so nutty - my dad blames the May 3rd tornados since Jobee's mom was pregnant with him when the tornados hit down the street from Jobee's house. It really seems like last year, we drove and picked Jobee out - actually, he picked me. For 12 years, Jobee gaurded the cul-de-sac, barked at any and every noise, performed his signature cool down dance, begged for cookies (and would eventually gripe my mom out for not giving him one in a timely manner), and snuggled with whoever he could. We have so many great memories of Jobee and we will cherish them forever. 12 years is a long time to have a best friend, we will miss you Jobelan.

While we miss Jobee dearly, Rusty is now an only child and gets to be in charge now. Jobee and Rusty are quite the opposite. Rusty is much more laid back than Jobee... it will be interesting to see Rusty handles his new responsibilites.

Mom and the boys.

Jobelan Sache Medina. Probably should of used some tear wipes before this picture.

We miss you Jobee. Thanks for 12 years of poodle fun.
-Jack and Kayla

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