Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We moved!

Pictures and updates to come soon - once internet is set up at the new house!!

Hope your Christmas was filled with joy and laughter

Have a great Tuesday (and Wednesday)!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I finally spooked myself into thinking "we must start packing.... or else!" So, I grabbed my newly purchased banker's boxes (no, I'm not banker, but I think their boxes rule!) and I packed up the guest room bookcases.

My Empty Bookcases... Ready to go!
My first 5 boxes packed and labeled! About 25 to go....

While I was packing, Jack was watching the Sing Off (I would come in and catch part of acts - it's such a fun show!) and working on his balancing act....
He is so talented!

Jack helped keep Duncan occupied; Duncan thinks he is a professional mover... well, by "mover" I mean thief. He is a known thief.

We will keep you updated on our packed boxes count and all other "moving and packing" related things.
Happy Monday Eve!

It's the 13th.....

And we didn't close today.

No problem; we will close on our house Wednesday at 3:00pm.

Until then.....we must start packing. Must..... start..... packing......


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dreaming of sugar plums

I snapped this photo of Duncan taking a nap this afternoon -

He sleeps in the funniest positions!
I think this may be his favorite; I often catch him in this sleeping position in the mornings. He enjoys a good napper!

-Jack and Kayla

Downtown in December - Ice Skating

Jack and I went ice skating Downtown last night! We had tons of fun!
There's tons to do Downtown!

We had only one wipe out - I lost my balance and got ice all down my right side. We made it around the rink about 10 or 12 times. We saw several of our college friends and some friends from our church small group.

Well, I can't figure out why it's blurry.. and why I can't rotate the picture...

Early that night, I had my work Christmas party of the Oklahoma City Art Museum. They have an incredible display of blown glass right now by Chihuly. This piece is incredible!
It stands about 55 feet tall (ugh, why are my pictures not rotating..!)
I'm not too much of a museum goer - but this is pretty incredible. 
They look like balloons and toys!

I'll take the blue one please.

I hope you and your family will be able to spend some time Downtown this December. The atmosphere is so fun - It's almost our own Winter Wonderland!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Caught in the act!

Over the weekend, I have caught Duncan laying in our bed - just as comfortable and at home as ever. Now, he isn't allowed on the bed (we usually keep all the doors closed since he has been accused as a thief many times). I have been off my game and have been leaving the bedroom door open - only because I am coming right back in with laundry or something. My brief absence is Duncan's perfect excuse to jump on the bed and enjoy a few minutes in heaven (remember - he loves bed. He eats them). We can't help but to laugh at him and tell him in a light-hearted manner "off".

Caught in the act!

Look at his eyebrows...!
Oh Duncan Dog. One day, we will get you another bed. Until then, please stay off ours.
-Jack and Kayla

Thursday, December 2, 2010


My favorite December concert to attend is... Trans Siberian Orchestra! This was my 5th time to see them in concert and it was the best! It's the same show for the first part of the concert (based on their album Christmas Eve and Other Stories ) and they play new music the second part of the show. Here are a few pictures.

New Stage! The walkways were lowered from the ceiling!

There's all sort of lasers, fire, spotlights - it's exciting!

TSO - they get me into the Christmas spirit!

Andddd to get you excited about them coming next year (don't worry, I will remind you all when they are back in OKC; it will be December 2011!) here's a video. It's a tid bit blurry, but it shows just small fraction of the joy they bring!

Andd.... another one.

Baked Mac and Cheese

Earlier this week, Jack made some delicious baked macaroni and cheese! We made two versions - one wheat and one regular. Jack surprised me with my own special bowl of mac and cheese!

MMMmmm! In my sweet little Emile Henry dish!
Here's a link to the wonderful recipe

Jack didn't use onions or the bay leaf.

Hope you have time to try making this yourself!

Happy cooking -
Jack and Kayla