Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Jack's

Jack ("My Jack") has a best friend named Jack (Jack R). Jack R was my Jack's best man in our wedding. They lived together at the SigEp house and at the Sycamore house. Jack R will be in Israel for the next year playing football (American football). We are going to miss Jack R! I got a picture of the two before Jack R leaves the country.

The Jack's.
We will miss you Jack R!

-Jack and Kayla


Who knew getting a sprinkler system may become the highlight of our summer? It's near the top of the list. It's so nice and we hope it helps turns our somewhat green grass into really green grass.

We are waiting for grass over the trench lines to grow back. It may be a while, but we don't mind that much.

Way too much red dirt for my liking.

Hello there little sprinkler head.
It's pretty cool to see them on and watering away... kind of like magic. 

and the green grass grew all around and around....

We thought we had the timer set correctly to water each odd day at 3:00am. However, something was amiss because our grass and Duncan were wet one sunny afternoon. Luckily, we figured it out and stopped that program. Although, we aren't opposed to having the backyard water in the middle of the afternoon to cool off Duncan. Maybe once the red dirt is covered by green grass. Maybe.

Yay for sprinklers!
-Jack and Kayla

P.S. The picture didn't quite capture the tree well. It's worse in person. We are working on reviving the poor guy.

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

Similar to last summer, we are so lucky to have so many friends getting married this summer. We love attending each wedding to see our friends become man and wife. What a fun, special time their lives - we are so blessed to be celebrating with them!

Our friends Kevin and Katelin kicked off our wedding season with a fantastic wedding in Tulsa. Kevin and Jack lived together in their college house (referred to as The Sycamore House). Jack was one of Kevin's groomsmen, so he headed up to Tulsa for the rehearsal dinner. I met him up there the next day. 


The Geurkink's and The Boyd's.

On our way out of town, we stopped by the Harper's. We got a few rounds of hide and go seek (Maggie and me versus Henry and Jack) in before we had to make our way back home.

We are so excited Kevin and Katelin are married! We can't wait to see what the future holds for you two!

-Jack and Kayla

Thunder Up!

Jack and I went one first round playoff game, Thunder vs. Mavericks.  My employer has a lottery that you can put your name into to receive tickets. We were so happy to get to go to a game and we absolutely loved our seats.

"Team is Community" Shirts.

Yup, that's pretty close.

We were (apparently) on TV as they panned they crowd. Also, we made an appearance on the Kiss Cam. Maybe I added that to my bucket list so I could cross it off...

The Thunder swept the Mavs in this series and went on to play in the Finals. Unfortunately, we lost to the Heat, but we (and the entire city) are so proud of the team!!

Thunder Up!
-Jack and Kayla

Week with Beau

Duncan had his best friend Beau over for a few days back in April while his parents (Jordan and Trey) went house hunting. Duncan and Beau had so much fun!
Beau, proud of his hole he dug.

Sharing a toy.

They definitely muddied up our patio.

They are pretty good friends.

Rest time on the couch.

Duncan misses Beau since he has moved, but he hears Beau is loving his new backyard to run around in.

-Jack and Kayla

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick Hello

I had my night perfectly planned to update with so long over due posts. As it turns out, my pictures from the last few months are all over the place - my phone, Jack's phone, and my camera. So, tonight turned into a "let me get organized". I plan to update this baby over the weekend.

Until then. Here's a picture:

Hope you are staying cool!

See you this weekend.
- Jack and Kayla