Sunday, June 27, 2010

Free and Breezy Duncan!

With any dog comes shedding (well, my mom's poodles don't shed). Duncan Dog falls into the category of "sheds a lot". My Dyson Vacuum can barely contain all his hair.. I have to empty the canister at least twice before I can considered being done vacuuming.

Jack read about this grooming brush and knew he had to have it. As an early birthday present for Dunky, we bought him the FURminator. Lucky for us, it works. It works W O N D E R S!

The beginning....

The middle...

The end....

He liked it! We like to think he is now "free and breezy!"

Duncan just has a lot of hair... correction: had a lot of hair. :)

Now, he is a few pounds lighter, relaxed and happy.

Thanks "fur" reading!
Jack and Kayla

Weddings, Weddings, - I love weddings!

Jack and I are in the time of our lives where all our friends are getting married, including us.

Jordan and Trey Williams
June 18, 2010
Oklahoma City

 Jordan was beautiful!

Grandad Jack and Jack

Mr and Mrs Williams first dance. 
A quick Brother- Sister talk.
and they are off! (I love this picture!)

Jack and I wish the B E S T to Jordan and Trey. We are secretly hoping for hundreds of double dates throughout our lives!

Emily and Daniel Hayes
June 19, 2010
Catoosa, Oklahoma

After Jordan's wedding, Jack and I headed up the Turnpike for my pledge sister Emily's wedding. We stayed at the Harpers, so we got to spend some time with the nieces and nephew.

I first met Emily freshman year right before Rush. We both lived on Walker 7 at OU, then we both pledge Kappa! 
They had a beautiful outside ceremony and reception. The weather was perfect, the scenery was perfect - just beautiful all around!
Mr and Mrs Hayes first dance!

Katie and Zach Payne
June 26, 2010
Dallas, Texas

Everything was beautiful!  The ceremony, the reception, the cakes, the dancing, and bride & groom were just amazing!!

My sweet sister- in - law.

My Jack.

What a fun group!
Trey, Jordan, Me, Jack, and Rhett (Trey's little brother)

Congrats Katie and Zach!

Zach is Jack's big brother (fraternity brother, that is). We got to spend time with Jordan and Trey at this wedding, since Trey was a groomsmen (and Zach was one of Trey's groomsmen).

Lane and Mike Tinsley
June 26, 2010
Norman, Oklahoma

Jack and I weren't able to make this wedding, since we were in Dallas - but we have heard such wonderful things! The Tinsley's are great family friends of the Geurkinks. We wish we could have been in two places at once!
Jack and I wish everyone the best!! 
Being married to your best friend is so wonderful!

(Don't worry - our wedding season continues in July :) )

Thanks for reading!
Jack and Kayla

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jordan and Trey

Today, Jordan and Trey are getting married!!!!! We all have been waiting for this day forever and IT'S HERE!!

Here are a few pictures from rehearsal dinner last night:
Last time to see Jordan Geurkink - she will be Jordan Williams!

Congratulations, Jordy and Trey! We love you (Duncan, too!)
Today is going to be perfect!!

Jack and Kayla

Duncan....Oh Duncan

Jack and I often come home for lunch. Yesterday, Jack was cooking his lunch and heard Duncan being mischevious. Just seconds passed ....

He found a new toy: The remote.
The damage is two fold: font and back.
And the bottom lip doesn't even line up. Perhaps we get some duct tape or electrical tape to rectify the damage. Surely OKC Cox sees this stuff everyday, right?

-Jack and Kayla

Monday, June 14, 2010

Seriously... Rain? Seriously...?!?!

Most of Oklahoma City woke up to views like this:
Yup, that's our backyard! I think heard OKC has 8.0 inches of rain reported so far...I believe more rain is coming! Correction: The more rain is here.

Stay Dry!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Diaper Cake

There's a first time everything - and tonight I made my first Diaper Cake!!
Of course, this isn't edible. It's for a baby shower tomororw at work. I hope it goes over well!

They are super easy to make; it only took me about an hour (Duncan R-E-A-L-L-Y wanted to help!).
You can learn how by simply googling. Gotta love google.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Touchdown Geurkinks

After two short days, we bought a car. We already love it and are so happy with our purchase. Jack is currently making room in our garage so it can sleep peacefully inside tonight.

We found the most wonderful dealer in Shawnee - he delivered the car today to OKC, met us at the credit union, and after about 4 signatures, we had a car! We were very lucky to have found a great car, great rate, and great people to work with. Jack handled all the logistics - way to go Jack!!

On another note - Jordan is getting married in 9 days!!!! Jack and I can't wait to see her and Trey get married!! My pledge sister Emily is getting married in 10 days!!! Next weekend is going to be so fun; we love weddings!

Thanks for reading!
Jack and Kayla

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Hunt for a Car is On...

Jack's beloved Nissan Titan was taken away today as it was considered totaled. It lived a good six years before its tragic end: the hail storm.

After a weekend of crunching numbers, looking at carfax reports, researching interest rates, and cars themselves. We found some we liked and got to test drive one today! We ventured out to Shawnee Oklahoma (which is about 45 minutes away) to visit a great used car within our budget and on the list of "we would like to have this car, if possible". What is really surprising is that we got pre-approved for a loan - we are such grown ups!

Since we ventured to Shawnee, we made a quick dinner that took like 15 minutes! We marinated some chicken last night and popped them on the grill. We made some Idahoan Potatoes and some corn - delicious!

So tomorrow is another day of work and car shopping. Wish us luck!

Thanks for reading -
Jack and Kayla

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quick Update

This post is for my grandma, who got on to me earlier this week for not blogging lately.

We are officially in the market for a new car for Jack. His car is totalled from the hail storm last month, so we have been number crunching and looking at cars online. We will probably go in person to look this weekend. It will be the first BIG purchase for us (bigger than the washer/dryer and the bedroom furniture)!

We also got our IKEA furniture finally built!! I am so proud of Jack for figuring out how to make it stable and taking such precise measurements!
 We really love it.

Duncan has been him normal self - stealing socks and sleeping.
This is him wedge between the couch and the wall. It's near an air vent.

Thanks for reading!