Sunday, June 27, 2010

Free and Breezy Duncan!

With any dog comes shedding (well, my mom's poodles don't shed). Duncan Dog falls into the category of "sheds a lot". My Dyson Vacuum can barely contain all his hair.. I have to empty the canister at least twice before I can considered being done vacuuming.

Jack read about this grooming brush and knew he had to have it. As an early birthday present for Dunky, we bought him the FURminator. Lucky for us, it works. It works W O N D E R S!

The beginning....

The middle...

The end....

He liked it! We like to think he is now "free and breezy!"

Duncan just has a lot of hair... correction: had a lot of hair. :)

Now, he is a few pounds lighter, relaxed and happy.

Thanks "fur" reading!
Jack and Kayla

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