Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two things...

1. I think we are all in the wrong business. We all need to start making sheets. Yes, bed sheets. Because you can charge $30 for two pillow cases.. the same amount for one fitted sheet. It's either a rip off or the most brilliant marketing plan ever - when you buy new sheets you want to have matching pillow cases. Maybe this fact is well known, but I was blown away at the cost of our new sheets.

2. I was called old for the first time this week by the radio station. One of our favorite stations on XM is "90s on 9", which plays all the best music from 1990 to 1999. I happened to be listening to their sister station (which they have tons 60s on 6, 70s on 7, etc) The Pulse (or was it Pop2K... nonetheless) and they said "if you are listening to 90s on 9, you are too damn old." Thanks. I enjoy music from the 90s. Although I was three when 1990 roll around, I don't think I am THAT old.  I got a laugh out of this more than shopping for sheets.

That's all.
Thunder up.
Boomer Sooner.

-Jack and Kayla

The Hunger Games

This past Monday, Jack and I drove down to the Warren Movie theater in Moore to see The Hunger Games in their new IMAX theater. I have read all the books; Jack hasn't, but I really want him to read them. They are such easy, quick reads that keep you turning the pages. I can't wait to own the movie and see the next two!

I didn't take this picture, but the place is beautiful!

In our seats, looking very, very blue.

The nice curtain that raises before the movie starts.
The movie was great. The theater was great. Definitely worth the drive down.

May the odds be ever in you favor...
-Jack and Kayla

Green Grass!

We are pleasantly surprised to have such green grass so early. We signed up for Scott's to come treat our yard this year (since last year wasn't quite the best for our young yard). It's exciting to see the weeds disappear and little Bermuda grow!

It looks great from the street. Up close, you can still see dormant grass. We are optimistic we will have great green grass this year!

And, I think our tree survived the drought! Hallelujah!

Happy Spring. Stay away allergens.
-Jack and Kayla


Jack got me a Kindle for my birthday and I have grown to love Words with Friends. I'm horrible at it. Jack beats me all the time.

Except one time, when I had the best word in the best placement...

JAZZ on a triple letter and triple word. 123 points.

I won that game.

And have lost seven times since.

-Jack and Kayla


An Orange Leaf just opened minutes away from our house. We love it. We love that we went several times during their "buy 1 get 1 free" weekend. We love their spoons.

You should love them too.

At least frozen yogurt is a healthy...

When you don't load up on brownies and cookie dough. 

-Jack and Kayla

Blast from the Past

My dear friend Hanieh is cleaning out her garage with her husband and came across so many pictures and items that involved me. That's what happens when your inseparable from the age of 2 to 6 (possibly until now since we are still good friends). Here's a few things she ran across:

Kayla, as snow white(?) circa 1993.

Hanieh was confused why she had a KKG angel in her stitching bag. I think I had her finish her for me... which she never did. So, fast forward 10 years and I've got to find some DMC to finish this bad boy up.

We have so many memories together, which always brings out the statement "we were weird little kids". I think it's safe to say we turned out okay, despite our weirdness. Hanieh has been my friend longer than any other (going on 23 years). I'm so happy we have kept in touch throughout college and beyond... otherwise, no one would believe me about the strange things we did growing up.

-Jack and Kayla

Birthday/St. Patricks Day!

This year, my birthday was great! An added bonus it was on a Saturday. Similar to the past few years, we celebrated at O'Connell's in Norman with green beer.
Appropriate decorations at O'Connell's.

Everyone is a bit Irish on this day!

The Mugs. We hope to collect one every year.

And, more proof everyone is a bit Irish.

Walking back to our car, we ran into this sign posted on the door:
I thought it was hilarious. And I still do.

Just like last year, I revisited my green velvet cupcakes. Instead of making two dozen, I made one dozen cupcakes and used the rest for green velvet cake balls.

The cupcakes.

The cake balls.
I think the cake balls might have been my favorite.

After the fun during the day, we headed to the city for dinner with my parents, Jack's parents, and Jordan and Trey. It was such a special night to have everyone I love at dinner with me. I'm so blessed!

One year older...
-Jack and Kayla

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Puppy Play Date

Duncan loves his new cousin, Beau. Beau is growing so fast and is a great puppy friend for Duncan. Here are some pictures from there play dates.
Beau's second visit to see us.

Beau and Duncan found friendship early on.

Cute pups.
Last night, Jordan and Trey came over with Beau, who appears to have doubled in sized! He definitely has more energy and is so fun to watch.  Duncan was a gentle giant and somewhat to our surprise, super sweet to Beau.

Taking a breather from their fun.

Mr Giraffe - who's stuffing is coming out - was the victim of tug of war.

These dogs would have played all night long.

 Pictures really do not capture the fun these two had.

Until the next play date...
-Jack and Kayla