Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Fun

It's always nice to have a weekend home with no football games to attend and no real plans. This was one of those weekends.

Friday night, we made our own cinna-pie. You know, like a dessert pizza. 
Jack preparing for baking.

The product. Quite delicious.
As always, Duncan supervises.

We love Duncan Dog. And we are pretty sure he loves us.

Saturday, Jordan and Trey came over for dinner and some fireside fun. It was a very windy evening, but we managed to keep the fire going.

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Trey wanted to climb to the top. So he did.
He survived the climb.
Duncan wanted to follow up him; Jack had to restrain him.

It was a wonderful weekend. Soon, our weekends will be filled with more football, holiday gatherings and holiday decorating.

We will take the rest now.
-Jack and Kayla

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Updates, long over due

I've updated the blog (you're welcome Grandma and Laura). I've been meaning to update for a while, but I had computer issues, then I resolved them. Then I waited until my new monitor came, and it did and I love it. Then, Jack and I started watching Criminal Minds every night... then I ran out reasons.

So enjoy the updates. I will be better at posting since I now have a working, awesome computer with an awesome monitor.

Happy reading.
-Jack and Kayla


We woke up Saturday morning to learn there was an earthquake in the middle of night that woke some people up.

We slept through it.

I was kind of bummed. I have never felt an earthquake and really wanted to. So, I made sure I placed it on my imaginary bucket list.

I got to cross "Feel an earthquake" shortly after.

Saturday was a normal gameday in Norman. We tailgated, we watched the Sooners win, we drove home. Jack stayed up to watch the LSU/Bama game and the OSU/KState game. I feel asleep on the couch. I woke up a tad bit angry that I had fallen asleep on the couch, so I ran into the bed room to get in bed only to find clean clothes on the bed.

Darn, I knew I should have put those away earlier.

So, still tad bit angry, I started hanging the clothes up in their rightful place in the closet. Jack was getting ready for bed. And it began.

I remember hearing something first. I thought it was in the garage or possibly the dryer. I knew nothing could make that noise in the garage and the dryer had t-shirts, not shoes, in the there. I asked Jack "what is that noise?". As soon as I said that, we could hear the rattling of the house. We saw my hanging clothes and empty hangers sway back and forth. We felt the ground beneath us become not so study. We froze. We didn't take cover in the door frame. My heart might have missed a beat. It was definitely pounding out of my chest.

Hindsight, we have no idea how long it lasted. We think about 10 seconds; I've heard others say 45 seconds. Either way, we felt an earthquake..... then got on facebook to see what our friends were saying about their earthquake experience. True Okie style, right? It did register at a 5.6 - the largest in Oklahoma History.

Those are all the earthquakes the past weekend in this great state. the largest yellow was the one felt by many.

We haven't seen any damage done to the house. No cracks and no shifting of items.

Then, if you look above you'll see the blue box. The second earthquake I felt. This one occurred during a severe weather warning with horrible wind and rain. I thought this earthquake might have been the wind since I didn't feel the ground shake per se; I heard rattling more so in parts of the house. Jack was in class and he felt it too. There was a tornado in the southwest part of the state earlier and I think it's suppose to freeze later this week?

If Oklahoma had a resume, I think it would look like this:
2011 - Coldest Day Ever for Oklahoma
2011 - Biggest Snow Fall Amount Ever
2011 - Largest Hail Ever
2011 - Hottest July Ever
2011 - EF5 Tornadoes
2011- Largest Earthquake for Oklahoma

I'm sure our state has other accomplishments to place on here.
I think Will Rogers quote couldn't have been more true.
-Jack and Kayla


I'm not scared to say Halloween isn't my favorite of the holidays. We didn't even bother getting pumpkins for our porch. I was excited and thrilled to pass out candy in our new neighborhood.

For small group, we had a Halloween themed food night. We made spiderweb pretzels.

Delicious and very fragile.

For a special treat for us, Halloween funfetti cupcakes. 

Jack had class on Halloween, so it was my job (and Duncan's) to pass out candy. 

One tradition my family does is tally how many trick or treaters come.
 We had 49 trick or treaters. Two of them include two girls that were my height, but dressed up. It also includes three 10 year olds that weren't dressed and commented on my tv show. He called me out on watching "reality tv". Relax kid, it's just Dancing with the Stars. It could be a lot worse.

The little decoration we did include these fun spiders from Jack's old babysitter. We loved seeing them hanging out around the fireplace.

We hope your Halloween was spook-tacular.
-Jack and Kayla

Oh, check out the Harpers!

 Check out my mom's front porch!
Rusty isn't a real diablo... he is an angel.
And... I guess I sort of dressed up for Halloween. I volunteered myself to be Snow White at a co-workers daughter's birthday party. I'll admit ... it was fun!
This might be my new weekend gig - Disney Princess.


It's getting cold here!

I guess Fall has fallen and Winter is approaching.....

I hope it doesn't snowmageddon again...Or maybe I do.....
- Jack and Kayla

Date Night

With our busy schedules, we try to keep Fridays to ourselves to enjoy some good food, whether that's eating out or cooking ourselves.

Since the burn ban was lifted, Jack bought some firewood and we had ourselves a fire!

First, our great food. 
We tried a new way to make potatoes. Crispy, yet soft.

Mmmm. Steaks.
 Our fire. It was our first fire of Fall and our first time to really utilize our patio furniture.

  Who doesn't love a nice Oklahoma evening, next to a fire with a glass of wine?

Duncan doesn't. He managed to get his toy on the other side of the fence. Jack jumped the fence to rescue the toy.

We hope for many more nights like these.

Fall is fun, unless my allergies say otherwise.
-Jack and Kayla

OU Texas

October came quickly and left just as quickly. It seems like months go by so quickly these days.

Jack and I took a quick trip to Dallas for our favorite holiday - OU/Texas Weekend. It didn't disappoint.

Duncan Dog's new thing - laying against clothes.

Southbound 35!

Duncan didn't quite enjoy the small captain seats in my car. He couldn't get comfortable

Once down in Dallas, we ate great food with some great people. 
These great people really love sushi. Luckily, most sushi places have steaks and steak knives.

The great people's food.

My guy loves sushi. He married one of the only landaterians around.

 I should mention these great are truly great - Jack's parents and Jordan and Trey. We had a blast!

Kick off was 11am, which makes eating and drinking a bit challenging. No fear - we made it work.
Jack's breakfast - Belgium waffle!

Near College GameDay set.

Hey Guys! Boomer.

Everyone and their kids takes this picture - the sea of crimson and burnt orange.

I'm disappointed to say I did not get pictures of the fried oreos consumed. Texas has great fried oreos, so great that Jack and I stood in line for an hour for them.

A full hour.

Which is about 30 minutes past what we would have liked to stood in line. They were well worth it. And I can patiently wait until I have them again...

We love going to OU/Texas. It's the fall break for grownups.

Beat Texas.
-Jack and Kayla