Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OU Texas

October came quickly and left just as quickly. It seems like months go by so quickly these days.

Jack and I took a quick trip to Dallas for our favorite holiday - OU/Texas Weekend. It didn't disappoint.

Duncan Dog's new thing - laying against clothes.

Southbound 35!

Duncan didn't quite enjoy the small captain seats in my car. He couldn't get comfortable

Once down in Dallas, we ate great food with some great people. 
These great people really love sushi. Luckily, most sushi places have steaks and steak knives.

The great people's food.

My guy loves sushi. He married one of the only landaterians around.

 I should mention these great are truly great - Jack's parents and Jordan and Trey. We had a blast!

Kick off was 11am, which makes eating and drinking a bit challenging. No fear - we made it work.
Jack's breakfast - Belgium waffle!

Near College GameDay set.

Hey Guys! Boomer.

Everyone and their kids takes this picture - the sea of crimson and burnt orange.

I'm disappointed to say I did not get pictures of the fried oreos consumed. Texas has great fried oreos, so great that Jack and I stood in line for an hour for them.

A full hour.

Which is about 30 minutes past what we would have liked to stood in line. They were well worth it. And I can patiently wait until I have them again...

We love going to OU/Texas. It's the fall break for grownups.

Beat Texas.
-Jack and Kayla

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