Friday, November 26, 2010

Wonderful Time of the Year!

With Thanksgiving behind us, it's time for Christmas! I didn't allow myself to listen to Christmas music until today (well, I did hear BC Clark's Anniversary Sale Commercial yesterday...and I'm sure I heard some playing on the Macy's Parade). Today, I  heard Mariah's "All I Want for Christmas is You" at BestBuy and thought - it's really Christmas time!

Last Tuesday, work turned on their Christmas lights.
Western looks good!
If you can't visit them in person, this YouTube video does it justice -

As for us, I have my iPod dedicated to Christmas music and even put up our first tree!

Courtesy of my great grandma (via my grandma)

It's a table top Spode Tree!
We will most likely be moving and unpacking boxes the days leading up to Christmas and following Christmas; for now, this little tree can be Our Tree.

Christmas is Coming!
-Jack and Kayla


Jack and I headed up the turnpike (along with my mom) to spend Thanksgiving at my sisters. She did a great job hosting her entire immediate family! There were 6 kids under the age of 7 and I was the lucky "adult" to play hide and seek with them (it was truly fun, they asked to me play - and I got a shoelace to wear around my neck as the secret upstairs pass). I spent so much time playing, I hardly took any pictures! Here are a few --
Grandma cutting Maggie's toenails.
Henry and his cousin Millie.
Scotty and Alicia talking to Emily about Black Friday Deals.
After spending time at my sisters, we headed to Jack's parents for a little bit. It was such a fun day!

Hope your Thanksgiving was great!
Jack and Kayla


October 1st marked the official "Jack and Kayla are house hunting" season. We spent about six weeks looking around NW Oklahoma City for our first house. As of November 11, we are under contract to buy a house! It's brand new, ready to move in, 3 bedroom/2 bath house in a great little neighborhood. We are set to close December 13th (and I think we are still on schedule for it). Here's a sneak peak on the house (I'll post more pictures once we have signed the hundreds of papers and it's officially ours).

We get to choose the color for the front door! We are thinking red...
We are excited to make this transition from renting to owning!

-Jack and Kayla

Funny Duncan

Last month, Jack was invited to go to the Missouri game while I was in Boston. We were a little nervous to leave Duncan in the backyard, by himself, for about 10 hours, at night. I asked Jack to let me know he was safe once he got home - I woke up in Boston to a picture of this funny guy....

His ears are virtually hidden, his tail - obviously moving, and I feel his lips are puckered.
We were so happy he likes to be outside during the day. He does love to take an afternoon nap on the couch.


Duncan gets his teeth brushed

Jack and I have noticed Duncan's teeth aren't as pearly white as they once were. With that said, we decided to buy him his first toothbrush and attempt dental hygiene! I read on the package that it's recommended to brush you dogs teeth every day - we are hoping to make once a week.
We let him lick the toothbrush to get used to the brush.

He did surprisingly well! I thought for sure he'd run off.
We chose a peanut butter flavored toothpaste and he seemed to enjoy it!
Sleepy guy, resting on the Banma blanket (Banma is my late great grandmother. She made quilts!)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Murder Mystery

Saturday night, our small group from church played a murder mystery game at our leaders house! We each received an invitation to attend, which told us what character we were to play. It also told us what to wear. Jack was Billy "The Kid", a baseball player. I was Malissa "Scoop" Orrthot, a news reporter. When we arrived at the host house, we received a book with facts about our character, and we began the first round. After the second round, we broke for dinner. After dinner we finished up with the third and fourth round.

Abby and Micah (Molly and Harrow)

Jack and I

Lea and Jack (Silky and Ernie)

Brittany and Shawn (Torchy and Socks)
The Girls
The Guys
Great game for a group of 8 people!

It was tons of fun!

Sweet Duncan Dog

He still steals socks and tissues from the trash, but Duncan makes us laugh!

He really loves to lounge around.

He is getting so big and he thinks he is a lap dog.

He keeps us laughing. Free entertainment.