Sunday, January 29, 2012

A few updates....

Wow, how can January almost be gone?! This month flew by so fast. I hope February is a little slower; I want to enjoy the month! February brings our anniversary, valentines, leap year, and gets us one month closer to March.

I hope you enjoy the updates - mostly from end of December and early January. I'll need some time to figure out what we did in January.

To a slow February...
-Jack and Kayla

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012! We had a low key, New Years Eve. Really... low... key. In fact, we celebrated New Years with New York City and we were in bed by 11:30 Oklahoma time. It was perfect for us.

The next day, we made up for going to bed early and celebrated the new year with champagne and chocolate pie.

We can't wait to see what 2012 brings!
-Jack and Kayla

A week with Maxi!

Maxi's dad, Jack's uncle, asked if we would watch Maxi while he was on vacation. We thought it would be fun for Duncan to have a friend. After the first day, they calmed down and went on with life as normal. I'll be the first say, I thought for sure on the first day of having both dogs, something in the house would break or one of the dogs would need hospitalization. Thank goodness I was wrong - they were great companions!


Thankfully our couch is huge; two humans and two dogs fit nicely.
Maxi is so sweet. I had no idea she could just lay down and relax. In the past, she is running and playing so hard!

Maxi sleeps on a bed. Duncan sleeps in a crate. This is Duncan on Maxi's bed, either warming it up for her or telling us he doesn't want to sleep in a crate.
Maxi must have an internal alarm clock. Every morning around 6:45 (weekday or weekend) she would come stare at either Jack or I until we got out of bed. After the first few mornings, we told her to go back to bed! 

Duncan has a big head compared to her.

Duncan is taller, but Maxi may have more muscle than Duncan.

Similar profiles... wait, is that slobber coming form Duncan's mouth?!
Maxi stayed with us for week. We sort of didn't want to give her back to Uncle Jeff. It was fun having two dogs - maybe Duncan is ready for a friend. Although, after Maxi left, I think Duncan slept more to recover from his week of fun!

Come stay with us anytime, Maxi!
-Jack and Kayla

Christmas with the Harpers

Alicia and the kids stopped by for a quick Christmas get together. It was low key, but my nieces and nephew sure make any time fun. I didn't get that many pictures, but this one of my favorites:

Henry decided to play in Duncan's crate. He tried to get Maggie to come in and Maggie politely said "I'm not a dog".
Funny Boy!
-Jack and Kayla

Play time with Silver Labs

We made a quick trip to Duncan, the town, for Christmas with the Jones (my mother-in-law's family). We always have a good time there. Duncan Dog really enjoys running in Gramp and KK's backyard. Duncan got to play with his best girlfriend Maxi.

She is faster than Duncan.
Jack thought ahead and packed some frisbees for playing.
Maxi does a great "give me five" or "pound it"
Jack, his uncle and cousins watching the silver labs play.
Duncan's tongue hung out of his mouth all day!
Duncan isn't used to playing this hard, so he took some breaks.
Those two love to play with each!

Duncan and Maxi are pretty funny together. We enjoyed seeing her in Duncan!

-Jack and Kayla