Saturday, January 22, 2011

Duncan makes us laugh

Really hard actually. He is such a comedian (when he is not stealing socks or shoes from the closet). Here's some of his latest "I'm going make them laugh" moments.

Shortly after we set up the guest room bed, we found Duncan laying down, trying to nap! He isn't allowed on beds (and we think he knows that), but he loves stealing moments on the bed!

This may be the beginning of his modeling career. Just laying in the sun.

He loves napping. Especially if someone is already relaxing on the couch.

He enjoys the cool tile. In this spot, he will know the second Jack leaves the office for a study break.

Thanks for making us smile Duncan Dog.

Back to School

Jack is back in school! He started the MBA program at Oklahoma Christian this month. The program will take him a little over 1 year to complete. He is in two classes this semester (one class he is taking with a friend from our small group).The classes are at night, so he will be balancing work and school for a while.

Reading for his first day of class.

Duncan loves to help him.

Off to class!

Duncan - laying on Jack's feet making him study! What a sweet puppy. :)

Study hard Jack!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Before Christmas, we took some time off to vacation in Snowmass, Colorado with Jordan and Trey and our friends Emily and Michael Hemphill. Emily is a Kappa with Jordan and I. Michael is in Medical School with Trey. We had a great time!

Snowmass had lots of fresh powder.

Absolutely beautiful!

View from the condo.

Well, two of our three bags were on the flight after ours, so we hung out in the airport. All bags made it!

Jack snowboarded, I skied - no major injuries. I did shed a few tears - it was my first time to ski in 9 or so years and my first time in Colorado (I'm used the manufactured snow of Angel Fire, New Mexico). Either way, I'm ready to tackle Snowmass again!

-jack and kayla.

Small Group Excitement!

We have some exciting events with our small group!

In addition to us buying a house and moving, we have had two engagements and one baby on the way!!

Lea and Jake & Brittany and Shawn are busy planning a wedding (see the engagement ring?!)

Abby and Micah - parents to be!

I wonder what 2011 will bring us!
-Jack and Kayla

More Unpacking...

While Jack and I try to unpack, plan where things are going to go, work, cook dinner..... our sweet Duncan Dog has been... well, trying to help.
He has successfully chewed a hole in his new bed from my Mom.

We have done a dry run on his new Paw Cleaner from my Mom.

He loves his new backyard! We find him running around with all of his toys.

He takes naps on the couch.

He did *help* Jack put a bed together. "Help" is loosely used.

And, well, he naps on the couch.

The first week, Duncan was a little spooked. He has calmed down since then and we think he really likes it!

-Jack and Kayla


It's a usual activity for me to anywhere from one to three loads of laundry a day - I really don't like spending ALL DAY on a Saturday or Sunday doing laundry, so I do a little each night. I planned ahead - before moved the machines, I made sure the essentials were clean and ready for the week. Well, with moving, I went 6 days without doing laundry because they weren't hooked up! We ran into a little situation - our old house used a 3 prong dryer outlet, while all new homes (since 1999 at least) use a 4 prong!

Jack purchased a new cord and called where we purchased the machines. According to them, changing the cord is like changing a light switch. So, last Saturday, with our computer researching DIY dryer cord replacement through blogs and YouTube - Jack successfully rewired the dryer!!

With a little research, maybe it is like changing a light switch.

Me, ensuring they work. They do!

Big thanks to Jack for rewiring the cord!
-Jack and Kayla

New Years Eve!

We had a great New Years in our new house! We took the evening off from unpacking and actually cooked a full meal!
Jack had a T-Bone steak, I had a filet. We both had baked mac and cheese and green beans!

His mac and cheese - wheat noodles.
My Mac and Cheese - regular noodles.

For dessert - I baked Barefoot Contessa's Red Velvet cupcakes.

I used a few of my new Wilton cake decorating tools to ice the cupcakes. Nothing fancy, I still need some practicing.

Duncan got a chew a little bit on Jack's bone from his steak. It was his New Years Eve treat!

We hope you had a great New Years - Welcome 2011!!

-Jack and Kayla