Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's a usual activity for me to anywhere from one to three loads of laundry a day - I really don't like spending ALL DAY on a Saturday or Sunday doing laundry, so I do a little each night. I planned ahead - before moved the machines, I made sure the essentials were clean and ready for the week. Well, with moving, I went 6 days without doing laundry because they weren't hooked up! We ran into a little situation - our old house used a 3 prong dryer outlet, while all new homes (since 1999 at least) use a 4 prong!

Jack purchased a new cord and called where we purchased the machines. According to them, changing the cord is like changing a light switch. So, last Saturday, with our computer researching DIY dryer cord replacement through blogs and YouTube - Jack successfully rewired the dryer!!

With a little research, maybe it is like changing a light switch.

Me, ensuring they work. They do!

Big thanks to Jack for rewiring the cord!
-Jack and Kayla

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