Saturday, January 8, 2011


Before Christmas, we took some time off to vacation in Snowmass, Colorado with Jordan and Trey and our friends Emily and Michael Hemphill. Emily is a Kappa with Jordan and I. Michael is in Medical School with Trey. We had a great time!

Snowmass had lots of fresh powder.

Absolutely beautiful!

View from the condo.

Well, two of our three bags were on the flight after ours, so we hung out in the airport. All bags made it!

Jack snowboarded, I skied - no major injuries. I did shed a few tears - it was my first time to ski in 9 or so years and my first time in Colorado (I'm used the manufactured snow of Angel Fire, New Mexico). Either way, I'm ready to tackle Snowmass again!

-jack and kayla.

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