Friday, December 23, 2011

Wrapped and Ready

With Christmas just about here, we are wrapped and ready for the festivities!



Also ready are some sweet treats from our kitchen. We should have plenty to share!

No Bake Cookies.

Oreo Cupcakes.

We can't wait to spend time with our family. In just three short days, we will get to see almost all of our Oklahoma family. That's pretty awesome. We can't wait.

Wish we you a very, merry Christmas.
-Jack and Kayla

One Year Later

I can't believe we have been homeowners for one year now.

This year went by WAY too fast.

Home sweet home.
-Jack and Kayla

An Angel Came Down.

My mom, Jack and I spent an evening with who my mom and I consider are best friends in December - Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We know them by name, we know their songs by heart, and maybe we tend to sort of dance to the music when we are by ourselves.

I have come to love this tradition. It was my sixth time to see them. The Christmas Story (the beginning part of the show) is always the same with a few minor adjustments. This year, some of the vocalists were different (three friends didn't tell us they would not be here). A new song, new vocalists - same awesome show and a great night.

The show starts with the song "An Angel Came Down" (hints the blog title). They end the show with a short version of Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24), which is the video above.

My mom took a lot more pictures and videos than I did. 

Part of the stage lowered and was right in front of us. This is Angus and Andrew.

Their hair is long and it shines.

I think they enjoy their jobs.

We can't wait for them to be in Oklahoma City. Next December. Until then...
TSO rules.
-Jack and Kayla

Monday, December 5, 2011

Decorating the house

Although it's our second technical Christmas in this house, I'm saying it's our first. If you recall, we closed on our house December 15, 2010, then a short 3 days later left for Colorado, then 5 days later returned for a few days prior to Christmas, then heading to Norman and Duncan (the city). Every minute in between was spent  packing and not decorating our first Christmas. So, we are making up for it this year. Big time.

My Spode, one of most favorite gifts. I didn't like receiving it as a 10 year old, but golly, I love it now.

Our new tree skirt.

Our first tree!!

Up close. We love this tree.

 New stockings and garland. Jack's Nutcrackers.

Here are the other Nutcrackers. Jack says he gets one every year, however I am only counting 18 - therefore there could be 6 nutcrackers on the run....

Our small Spode tree from my Grandma. This guy served as our tree last year.

Our Nativity. Joy to the world!
So the inside is totally ready, and our outside is too!

It's much better in person. We are hoping to add some red and green lights as our lights by the garage. Oh, and garland around the front door.

We are super excited. And maybe I have named a room in the house the North Pole. You know, a room to wrap, sing loud, and be all Elf like (oh, note to self: watch Elf!!!).

Plus, we are seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra this weekend with my mom. It's our Christmas tradition and I love it. I may or may not be trying to memorize all their songs prior to Saturday. It's hard to recall them each year, since you only listen to them once a year.

We hope you are getting ready for Christmas (and I hope you are staying warm and stress-free!). 

Now, we just some snow...
-Jack and Kayla


Thanksgiving came quickly, but we enjoyed our time away from work and time with our families. Jack and I went to Duncan (the city) for Thanksgiving lunch at my mother in law's parents house. The whole family was there and it was lovely - great food and tons of laughing.

Before we left OKC, we snapped a few pictures in hopes they would work out for our Christmas card. Luckily one will work (which I won't spoil the card by showing) but here are the rejects -

Just a sweet little kiss on the cheek.

and then a second, bigger kiss.

Jack needs kisses too.

And for said kisses, he wants a belly rub.

Bad placement... and his skunk - Stevie - was in the picture.

No more pictures, please!

I will post our final picture and card once they come in.

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of family.
We're thankful for so much.
-Jack and Kayla