Monday, December 5, 2011


Thanksgiving came quickly, but we enjoyed our time away from work and time with our families. Jack and I went to Duncan (the city) for Thanksgiving lunch at my mother in law's parents house. The whole family was there and it was lovely - great food and tons of laughing.

Before we left OKC, we snapped a few pictures in hopes they would work out for our Christmas card. Luckily one will work (which I won't spoil the card by showing) but here are the rejects -

Just a sweet little kiss on the cheek.

and then a second, bigger kiss.

Jack needs kisses too.

And for said kisses, he wants a belly rub.

Bad placement... and his skunk - Stevie - was in the picture.

No more pictures, please!

I will post our final picture and card once they come in.

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of family.
We're thankful for so much.
-Jack and Kayla

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