Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boston and the Greater New England Area

Home Sweet Oklahoma! I just got back from a work trip to Boston. Here some pictures from my trip!

Sam Adams Statue

Paul Revere's House

Site of the Boston Massacre

Road Trip to Maine!

Beach Bird

KG and JG! (We never did this in St Lucia, better now than never!)

Beach with great homes!

Awesome bakery in Maine.

Dinner at Bartley's in Harvard Square.

Boston Harbor.

Road Trip to Plymouth - it's the Mayflower II!

Plymouth Rock!         

Another Road Trip - this time for Dinner in Rhode Island!

Providence is a cute town! 

I'm calling this October "Red, White and Blue October" (similar to the Sooners Red October in 2000), since I have been to pretty fortunate to visit some remarkable, historical sites this year.

Time to get back to Central Time Zone and back to "the real world".

Oh, Jack did a great job taking care of the house and Duncan Dog.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

blast from the past!

Who knew we would end up such great friends, roommates, kappa treasurers, sharing a bed in kenya,  biggest loser fans, each other bridesmaids, and sister in laws just 5 years later?!?!

I had no idea... but I'm so thankful it happened!
Disney World - 2011 - here we come! :)


The best nieces and nephew!

I have the best nieces and nephew! They make me laugh, smile, and are basically preparing me (and Jack) for kids! Here are a few pictures from this last week in Tulsa.

The little ones (Maggie(2) and Henry(1)) playing.

Maggie loves to talk!

Scotty did a great job keeping the two little ones entertained! Who doesn't love to throw the football!?

Foreshadowing? Maybe.

Such happy kids! Fact: they weigh the same and they are a year apart.

And, of course, Scotty played with the football too.

I asked sweet Ava who made her laugh more. She said Henry makes her laugh more. She is a great big sister! She has a loose tooth right now, so I'd imagine the tooth fairy is coming soon.

Jack and I can't wait to spend more time with them as the grow up! We love the Harpers!

-Uncle Jack and Aunt Kayla

60 years!

My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this week! 60 years! When I went to pick up a card for them, I couldn't find a 60th anniversary card... I think card makers stop at 50! Then I tried to get a balloon for them... again, no 60th anniversary balloon! Either way, I'm so lucky to have them as grandparents. They came to Oklahoma from Mexico in 1953 and put three kids through college (all OU graduates!). They are amazing!

Cake with their wedding picture.
My grandma and her bridesmaids.

My grandparents and their families.

My grandparents today, 60 years later!
My aunt Lucy, Uncle Lou, Grandma, Grandpa, and my Dad.

 It was so fun seeing everyone for such a joyous occassion!
Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa on 60 years of marriage! What a great example you have set for your family!

-Jack and Kayla

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Washington DC!

We just got back from a weekend in DC! I posted all the pictures on Facebook, but here a few of my favorites!
At the Capitol, standing on  the center of Washington DC

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

View from Lincoln Memorial

Georgetown Cupcakes! (From TLC's DC Cupcakes)

National Archives

We had a great time seeing our dear friends Laura and Daniel Villarreal. Our time was too short, but we had an amazing time! Thanks for being such wonderful hosts Villarreals! We love you and miss you - come back to Oklahoma!

-Jack and Kayla-