Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boston and the Greater New England Area

Home Sweet Oklahoma! I just got back from a work trip to Boston. Here some pictures from my trip!

Sam Adams Statue

Paul Revere's House

Site of the Boston Massacre

Road Trip to Maine!

Beach Bird

KG and JG! (We never did this in St Lucia, better now than never!)

Beach with great homes!

Awesome bakery in Maine.

Dinner at Bartley's in Harvard Square.

Boston Harbor.

Road Trip to Plymouth - it's the Mayflower II!

Plymouth Rock!         

Another Road Trip - this time for Dinner in Rhode Island!

Providence is a cute town! 

I'm calling this October "Red, White and Blue October" (similar to the Sooners Red October in 2000), since I have been to pretty fortunate to visit some remarkable, historical sites this year.

Time to get back to Central Time Zone and back to "the real world".

Oh, Jack did a great job taking care of the house and Duncan Dog.


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