Sunday, November 11, 2012

A few updates...

I've been telling myself that nothing has been going on with us, but that is not entirely true. We have had a great fall so far and it deserves to make the blog (mainly for my memory). Enjoy!

Duncan and one of his snoozers.

More to come soon....
-Jack and Kayla


We had 42 trick or treaters stop by our house this year. It was so fun seeing everyone dressed up for the holiday!

Our cute Duncan.
He sort of likes bandanas.
My "Dirt and Worms" dessert from work.

It was a fun night. We had too much candy left over...
-Jack and Kayla

PS - someone is getting ready to light up NW OKC!

OU/Texas Weekend

We had such a blast in Dallas this year for OU/Texas weekend. We had so many friends travel to Dallas for the weekend. We had a birthday party/reunion Friday night, the game Saturday morning, and a fun dinner with family Saturday night. A win is icing on the cake - it is always such a fun weekend!

We order our state fair coupons in advance. They arrived just in time!

OU Wins!

My last serving of fried oreros until 2013.

On our way home, we stopped at Sprinkles Cupcakes to pick up some treats. This year, Duncan got a cupcake!

"Doggies love cupcakes too"

Cutest little cupcake.

Our desserts.

He really liked it!

Now, he thinks he can have all our of treats, when that is not the case at all. He is still confused why his treat was much smaller compared to ours.

Our trip to Dallas = success!
-Jack and Kayla

State Fair of Oklahoma

It's been a tradition that we go to the state fair with our friends from church. This year, we had fried oreos, chicken on stick (which was very good), and cinnamon rolls.

Fried Oreos

Chicken on a stick.
 Our friends, Shawn and Brittany, love the games at the state fair.

And, the cinnamon rolls. We got one to enjoy at the fair and three to go!! Okay, one was for my mom, but we enjoyed the other two for breakfast. 

Until next year, see you later state fair.
-Jack and Kayla

Football Season!

We all get so excited for fall, which marks the beginning of football season.

 Even Duncan has a special game day tradition...
Just on game days, his OU bandana comes out.
It's football time in Oklahoma!

-Jack and Kayla