Thursday, December 2, 2010


My favorite December concert to attend is... Trans Siberian Orchestra! This was my 5th time to see them in concert and it was the best! It's the same show for the first part of the concert (based on their album Christmas Eve and Other Stories ) and they play new music the second part of the show. Here are a few pictures.

New Stage! The walkways were lowered from the ceiling!

There's all sort of lasers, fire, spotlights - it's exciting!

TSO - they get me into the Christmas spirit!

Andddd to get you excited about them coming next year (don't worry, I will remind you all when they are back in OKC; it will be December 2011!) here's a video. It's a tid bit blurry, but it shows just small fraction of the joy they bring!

Andd.... another one.

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  1. TSO!!!! Love them. And I love enjoying the concerts with you daughter. And now with Jack, too!! Christmas is family.