Monday, December 6, 2010

Caught in the act!

Over the weekend, I have caught Duncan laying in our bed - just as comfortable and at home as ever. Now, he isn't allowed on the bed (we usually keep all the doors closed since he has been accused as a thief many times). I have been off my game and have been leaving the bedroom door open - only because I am coming right back in with laundry or something. My brief absence is Duncan's perfect excuse to jump on the bed and enjoy a few minutes in heaven (remember - he loves bed. He eats them). We can't help but to laugh at him and tell him in a light-hearted manner "off".

Caught in the act!

Look at his eyebrows...!
Oh Duncan Dog. One day, we will get you another bed. Until then, please stay off ours.
-Jack and Kayla

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