Monday, December 13, 2010


I finally spooked myself into thinking "we must start packing.... or else!" So, I grabbed my newly purchased banker's boxes (no, I'm not banker, but I think their boxes rule!) and I packed up the guest room bookcases.

My Empty Bookcases... Ready to go!
My first 5 boxes packed and labeled! About 25 to go....

While I was packing, Jack was watching the Sing Off (I would come in and catch part of acts - it's such a fun show!) and working on his balancing act....
He is so talented!

Jack helped keep Duncan occupied; Duncan thinks he is a professional mover... well, by "mover" I mean thief. He is a known thief.

We will keep you updated on our packed boxes count and all other "moving and packing" related things.
Happy Monday Eve!

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