Sunday, January 29, 2012

A week with Maxi!

Maxi's dad, Jack's uncle, asked if we would watch Maxi while he was on vacation. We thought it would be fun for Duncan to have a friend. After the first day, they calmed down and went on with life as normal. I'll be the first say, I thought for sure on the first day of having both dogs, something in the house would break or one of the dogs would need hospitalization. Thank goodness I was wrong - they were great companions!


Thankfully our couch is huge; two humans and two dogs fit nicely.
Maxi is so sweet. I had no idea she could just lay down and relax. In the past, she is running and playing so hard!

Maxi sleeps on a bed. Duncan sleeps in a crate. This is Duncan on Maxi's bed, either warming it up for her or telling us he doesn't want to sleep in a crate.
Maxi must have an internal alarm clock. Every morning around 6:45 (weekday or weekend) she would come stare at either Jack or I until we got out of bed. After the first few mornings, we told her to go back to bed! 

Duncan has a big head compared to her.

Duncan is taller, but Maxi may have more muscle than Duncan.

Similar profiles... wait, is that slobber coming form Duncan's mouth?!
Maxi stayed with us for week. We sort of didn't want to give her back to Uncle Jeff. It was fun having two dogs - maybe Duncan is ready for a friend. Although, after Maxi left, I think Duncan slept more to recover from his week of fun!

Come stay with us anytime, Maxi!
-Jack and Kayla

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