Sunday, November 7, 2010

Murder Mystery

Saturday night, our small group from church played a murder mystery game at our leaders house! We each received an invitation to attend, which told us what character we were to play. It also told us what to wear. Jack was Billy "The Kid", a baseball player. I was Malissa "Scoop" Orrthot, a news reporter. When we arrived at the host house, we received a book with facts about our character, and we began the first round. After the second round, we broke for dinner. After dinner we finished up with the third and fourth round.

Abby and Micah (Molly and Harrow)

Jack and I

Lea and Jack (Silky and Ernie)

Brittany and Shawn (Torchy and Socks)
The Girls
The Guys
Great game for a group of 8 people!

It was tons of fun!

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