Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I'm not scared to say Halloween isn't my favorite of the holidays. We didn't even bother getting pumpkins for our porch. I was excited and thrilled to pass out candy in our new neighborhood.

For small group, we had a Halloween themed food night. We made spiderweb pretzels.

Delicious and very fragile.

For a special treat for us, Halloween funfetti cupcakes. 

Jack had class on Halloween, so it was my job (and Duncan's) to pass out candy. 

One tradition my family does is tally how many trick or treaters come.
 We had 49 trick or treaters. Two of them include two girls that were my height, but dressed up. It also includes three 10 year olds that weren't dressed and commented on my tv show. He called me out on watching "reality tv". Relax kid, it's just Dancing with the Stars. It could be a lot worse.

The little decoration we did include these fun spiders from Jack's old babysitter. We loved seeing them hanging out around the fireplace.

We hope your Halloween was spook-tacular.
-Jack and Kayla

Oh, check out the Harpers!

 Check out my mom's front porch!
Rusty isn't a real diablo... he is an angel.
And... I guess I sort of dressed up for Halloween. I volunteered myself to be Snow White at a co-workers daughter's birthday party. I'll admit ... it was fun!
This might be my new weekend gig - Disney Princess.

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