Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We woke up Saturday morning to learn there was an earthquake in the middle of night that woke some people up.

We slept through it.

I was kind of bummed. I have never felt an earthquake and really wanted to. So, I made sure I placed it on my imaginary bucket list.

I got to cross "Feel an earthquake" shortly after.

Saturday was a normal gameday in Norman. We tailgated, we watched the Sooners win, we drove home. Jack stayed up to watch the LSU/Bama game and the OSU/KState game. I feel asleep on the couch. I woke up a tad bit angry that I had fallen asleep on the couch, so I ran into the bed room to get in bed only to find clean clothes on the bed.

Darn, I knew I should have put those away earlier.

So, still tad bit angry, I started hanging the clothes up in their rightful place in the closet. Jack was getting ready for bed. And it began.

I remember hearing something first. I thought it was in the garage or possibly the dryer. I knew nothing could make that noise in the garage and the dryer had t-shirts, not shoes, in the there. I asked Jack "what is that noise?". As soon as I said that, we could hear the rattling of the house. We saw my hanging clothes and empty hangers sway back and forth. We felt the ground beneath us become not so study. We froze. We didn't take cover in the door frame. My heart might have missed a beat. It was definitely pounding out of my chest.

Hindsight, we have no idea how long it lasted. We think about 10 seconds; I've heard others say 45 seconds. Either way, we felt an earthquake..... then got on facebook to see what our friends were saying about their earthquake experience. True Okie style, right? It did register at a 5.6 - the largest in Oklahoma History.

Those are all the earthquakes the past weekend in this great state. the largest yellow was the one felt by many.

We haven't seen any damage done to the house. No cracks and no shifting of items.

Then, if you look above you'll see the blue box. The second earthquake I felt. This one occurred during a severe weather warning with horrible wind and rain. I thought this earthquake might have been the wind since I didn't feel the ground shake per se; I heard rattling more so in parts of the house. Jack was in class and he felt it too. There was a tornado in the southwest part of the state earlier and I think it's suppose to freeze later this week?

If Oklahoma had a resume, I think it would look like this:
2011 - Coldest Day Ever for Oklahoma
2011 - Biggest Snow Fall Amount Ever
2011 - Largest Hail Ever
2011 - Hottest July Ever
2011 - EF5 Tornadoes
2011- Largest Earthquake for Oklahoma

I'm sure our state has other accomplishments to place on here.
I think Will Rogers quote couldn't have been more true.
-Jack and Kayla

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