Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday/St. Patricks Day!

This year, my birthday was great! An added bonus it was on a Saturday. Similar to the past few years, we celebrated at O'Connell's in Norman with green beer.
Appropriate decorations at O'Connell's.

Everyone is a bit Irish on this day!

The Mugs. We hope to collect one every year.

And, more proof everyone is a bit Irish.

Walking back to our car, we ran into this sign posted on the door:
I thought it was hilarious. And I still do.

Just like last year, I revisited my green velvet cupcakes. Instead of making two dozen, I made one dozen cupcakes and used the rest for green velvet cake balls.

The cupcakes.

The cake balls.
I think the cake balls might have been my favorite.

After the fun during the day, we headed to the city for dinner with my parents, Jack's parents, and Jordan and Trey. It was such a special night to have everyone I love at dinner with me. I'm so blessed!

One year older...
-Jack and Kayla

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