Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two things...

1. I think we are all in the wrong business. We all need to start making sheets. Yes, bed sheets. Because you can charge $30 for two pillow cases.. the same amount for one fitted sheet. It's either a rip off or the most brilliant marketing plan ever - when you buy new sheets you want to have matching pillow cases. Maybe this fact is well known, but I was blown away at the cost of our new sheets.

2. I was called old for the first time this week by the radio station. One of our favorite stations on XM is "90s on 9", which plays all the best music from 1990 to 1999. I happened to be listening to their sister station (which they have tons 60s on 6, 70s on 7, etc) The Pulse (or was it Pop2K... nonetheless) and they said "if you are listening to 90s on 9, you are too damn old." Thanks. I enjoy music from the 90s. Although I was three when 1990 roll around, I don't think I am THAT old.  I got a laugh out of this more than shopping for sheets.

That's all.
Thunder up.
Boomer Sooner.

-Jack and Kayla


  1. Heh came across this trying to find that promo to play for a friend (btw it is from Pop2K). Mildly amused that some people are taking it seriously - I think it's totally hilarious; maybe because I really am old (46) and listen all the way from 70's On 7 up to Hits1 :-)

  2. What's really funny is if you listen close in the background there's an old geezer voice singing "Hit me baby one more time" then afterwards he says "Huh? What?"