Tuesday, May 22, 2012

overdue rants and raves

Here's a few rants and raves that we (maybe just me) have experienced during the lack of blogging time....
1. 90's on 9 is the best station on SiriusXM. 
2. Paying bills is the worst part of being a grown up.
3. We are ready for our red clay to be covered in green grass. I am tried of wiping red dust off my sweet Duncan Dog's nose.
4. Vacations are an important part of life.
5. We are ready for our friends to stop moving away (you know who you are). On the other hand, we are happy some friends have moved northward towards us!
6. Our tree in our front yard may or may not be half dead.
7. I (Kayla) am needing to watch Bad Boys 2, but my favorite Bad Boys 2 gal is about 1,700 miles away (come back to Oklahoma).
8. I (Kayla, again) wishes the Quillen's lived closer so we could all go see MIB3, cause the first one holds some pretty special memories for us (at least for me).
9. Playoff season is somewhat enjoyable, especially when the games end before midnight.
10. I (Kayla) think I could eat PW's pineapple grilled chicken quesadilla everyday. Delicious. 
11. I said I would end on 10, but oh well. Allergies stink. They should be punished.

Since my last post, a few things have happened:
- Jack graduated with his MBA!
- I moved offices (which now Jack and I have an actual potential to carpool to work)
- Wedding season has started (which has resulted in a somewhat 7 year high school reunions and the after college date party)

I'll be a bit better with this blog. At least I know my grandma likes reading it.

Up is the only way to Thunder.
-Jack and Kayla

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