Saturday, March 10, 2012

Puppy Play Date

Duncan loves his new cousin, Beau. Beau is growing so fast and is a great puppy friend for Duncan. Here are some pictures from there play dates.
Beau's second visit to see us.

Beau and Duncan found friendship early on.

Cute pups.
Last night, Jordan and Trey came over with Beau, who appears to have doubled in sized! He definitely has more energy and is so fun to watch.  Duncan was a gentle giant and somewhat to our surprise, super sweet to Beau.

Taking a breather from their fun.

Mr Giraffe - who's stuffing is coming out - was the victim of tug of war.

These dogs would have played all night long.

 Pictures really do not capture the fun these two had.

Until the next play date...
-Jack and Kayla

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