Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quick Update

This post is for my grandma, who got on to me earlier this week for not blogging lately.

We are officially in the market for a new car for Jack. His car is totalled from the hail storm last month, so we have been number crunching and looking at cars online. We will probably go in person to look this weekend. It will be the first BIG purchase for us (bigger than the washer/dryer and the bedroom furniture)!

We also got our IKEA furniture finally built!! I am so proud of Jack for figuring out how to make it stable and taking such precise measurements!
 We really love it.

Duncan has been him normal self - stealing socks and sleeping.
This is him wedge between the couch and the wall. It's near an air vent.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the entertainment center!!! I feel for Jack and the car buying process....I am dreading it!

  2. Whoops...that comment was from Hanieh...I didn't realize I was signed onto William's account :)