Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, Power Supply...

I took some time tonight to investigate why my desktop computer won't turn on. Now, you may be wondering "how are you blogging right now?" As a BBA in MIS, I love computers. I love owning computers. Each computer offers something new and different. I should say I love PCs - Mac's frustrate me to wits end. That's another story... this one is about my power supply.

My Dell Desktop has been with me since summer 2005. It saw me through my college years - Walker 7, Kappa and now to my married life. The hard drive crashed in 2008 thanks to a vicious lightening storm in Norman. I have invested in a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) and external hard drive (to back up my precious pictures and music).

Now, when I try to turn my computer on - the power button flashes amber, which leads me to believe its the power supply. Tonight, it went under.

The power supply is located in the top right corner. The copper belt is in the way.

It has a small collection of dust, which my swiffer swiffered away (gently). Without going to much further, I told myself "Kayla, you do not know the infrastructure of a computer that well to take it apart and attempt to diagnosis this problem". Within minutes, I called the geek squad. Best Buy is literally down the street from me, so I will most likely go there tomorrow.

So much for the diagnosis. 

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  1. Absolutely love this post. Only my computer geek daughter (the younger one-I have two computer geeky daughters!) would ramble on about her computer "toys" and power supply issues! I know you can fix it Kayla! Go forth and show it who is the boss! ---Mom