Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Weekend Flys By

 Two days is not long enough for a weekend! (note: is it flies or flys.. fled or flewed? I promise I have a college degree!)

We had a pretty relaxing weekend - Saturday was low key. I hung a few pictures, laundry, and cleaned the house. Jack and Duncan went on a run/walk around the neighborhood. After his walk, Duncan hopped on the couch to his favorite spot - on top of every single pillow. We try to not let him on the couch - unless he lays on his red OU blanket or he is invited up. We sometimes stick to that rule, but what can we say ... we love him and want him to feel at home.

I have been feeling abitious to bake lately, so Saturday evening seemed like the perfect time to try my dream creation. As much as a sweet tooth I have, I had never baked a cake using 8'' rounds. So I did. Then I thought, I want to make it a double layer, with buttercream icing, oh and maybe try fondant. So, the baking began.  After just a few hours ...

TA DA!!!!

I lost my patience to sit and smooth the buttercream icing around, so it's a little rough. Tasty as can be!
Sunday was also a big day! Church, delicious lunch prepared by Jack's mom, and a wonderful wedding shower for Jordan! I am so excited for her to get married and I am honored to stand as a bridesmaid as she exchanges vows. I love weddings! 

While the shower went on, Jack and Duncan decided to swim. While the water was a little cold for Jack, Duncan L-O-V-E-D it! He chased Jack around the pool, jumped in after tennis balls, and even found his way to the steps. Big Boy Duncan is growing up! I need to get his swimming on video....

Have a great week! 
Jack and Kayla


  1. That cake looks YUMMY! I am attempting a double layer chocolate cake with 8 inch rounds for Will's B-day tomorrow! Can't wait for dinner at your casa!

  2. I think it flies by.

    fly's = either a contraction of "fly + is" or the posessive form of what the fly has. since it's an insect, i'm not so sure it'd own anything. hahaha :) you could use, "Kayla's blog is super cute!"

    flew = the fly flew past my head

    flewed = not a word :)

    flies = time flies by!

    It was great to see you this past weekend! Can't wait to see you more this summer!