Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aftermath of the Hail...

Needless to say, the hail has melted. Our neighborhood is covered in blue tarps and roofing signs. Everytime there is a rainstorm, I take cover! Who knows what Oklahoma weather can bring.

With all the hail, rain, tornados and sun - I've taken some time to take pictures of the house (for insurance reasons), but I thought I would share some, since some haven't seen the house.

Our TV (with channel 4 covering the weather) and entertainment center. It's a work in progress; soon it will have a back panel for the TV to hang.

 Our "bar". Jack built the wood bar his junior year of college. It's been through a lot. We are also fortunate to have this built in shelves to display our stemware.

 Our Living Room (as viewed from the hallway). We are so lucky to have the best hand-me-down couch ever! All three of us fit so nicely on it.

Our second living room, the Den. Duncan often hangs out in this room, since his crate is here and the rug is messed up. We love the fireplace, but apparently I am allergic to burning wood. Again, we love the hand-me-down blue couch and recliner.

We enjoy our little rent house. We enjoy everyday here!

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