Friday, May 14, 2010

Duncan meets a Friend

Poor Duncan dog has been crated all day. Jack and I came home for lunch to let him out (and to enjoy some Hideaway left overs). So, when I got off work, I let him outside. It's wet outside, but it hasn't been raining - just misting all day long. He was excited to be free, but he met a friend.

He met his friend in the bush. He stuck his head in the bush just outside of our patio and paused. I laughed at him and kept trying to figure out what he was looking at. When I got down to his level, I saw two baby blue jays. At first I thought it was cute,  Big Boy Duncan and a baby blue jay.... until Duncan "attacked". This poor blue jay can't fly yet, so he/she flopped and waddle for safety (Duncan was only interested in one of the birds). I intervened finally after flopping around myself to grab hold of Duncan's neck. I had to pull him away because I saw the momma and daddy blue jay watching us. Duncan didn't capture the bird (thank goodness, I am not ready for him to bring me a bird!) but I think he got a little taste of he/she. 

I thought I was having a heart attack. My little Duncan harassing blue jays.

Please learn to fly soon blue jays! I can't always control Big Boy Duncan!!

Maybe next time Duncan, when I am not around.
(sheesh, I need to clean that door - it's covered in Duncan Dog snot/slobber).

Until next time -
Jack and Kayla (and Duncan!!)

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