Sunday, September 11, 2011

Houston Trip

Here are some pictures from our trip to Houston last month. It was a short trip, but we enjoyed seeing my family.

My Grandma (and Chuck Norris on the tv)

We love you Grandma!
My grandma has two tiny toy poodles and they are just the sweetest, funniest girls ever.

Shablee and Jack have a special relationship.
So, I didn't take all that many pictures. I will need to next time. Next time, my trip will be longer too.

On a side note, Houston Hobby has this resturant - Pappa's Burgers. We ate there earlier this summer during a layover. We made a quick stop to grab some milkshakes to go. Delicious!

I did very much enjoy my airport stroll with my oreo shake in hand.

See you soon Houston!
-Jack and Kayla

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  1. yeah, LOVE Pappa's milkshakes. And their fried pickles.