Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

The thunder-snow has stuck in Oklahoma City! Jack and I went to bed last night knowing my work was canceled and his had a delayed start. We could hear the sleet hitting our windows as we drifted asleep. Morning comes, Jack's office is closed, and we have snow drifts already at 3 feet! The high today is 11; but the wind chill is -15!

The patio is lightly dusted with snow.

Duncan loves the snow, but he agrees the wind makes so cold. (He is inside today; he just went outside for a brief moment to take care of his business).

Drifts along the fence.

Our sidewalk... is about 3 feet below the snow.

Our front porch, not too horrible.

The best drift I have seen since... Christmas 2009.

Backdoor drift. Duncan trampled it.
We are so blessed to have power, heat, lots of food, and weathermen guiding us through this Blizzard.
Stay warm Oklahoma, and stay inside!!

-Jack and Kayla

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