Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011 Continues..

We haven't left our house in two days! We have been productive, both inside and outside. Yesterday, Jack got his tools our and mounted the TV in the living room. 
Finding the studs with his new stud finder.
 While I am not ready to put holes in the walls, I was ready for these holes. In fact, I left the room. I could still hear the drill.... but I knew Jack had it under control.
It looks great! Next up, trying to wire everything.

Today, we ventured outside the house. We bundled up and played with Duncan a little bit. Jack shoveled the driveway (some of our new neighbors came over to help! what a blessing!)
Loves LOVES the snow.

Super Dog - He can do anything with the squirrel Frisbee!

Just having fun!

The sidewalk is... well, somewhere.

Here's some of the fun we had -

While Jack was working hard at shoveling (and mingling with the neighbors), I baked cupcakes (naturally).

Working on my decorating techniques.

Just some fun designs.

I had leftover icing and I wanted to fulfill my dream to make a rose! Not too bad for my first rose.
I think we are excited to get out of the house tomorrow, even if its to go to work. We have had a fun two days of snow! However, I think I heard another "arctic blast" coming this weekend... I have mixed feelings about cheering on springtime (springtime = allergies, allergies = miserable Kayla), but we are ready for some warmer temperatures!

 -jack and kayla

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