Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado Season

Growing up in Oklahoma, you learn about tornadoes early. Usually you can find a friend of a friend of a friend who has been through this devastating natural event. Today was one of those days where the weathermen weren't right on - they didn't take this lightly.

I left work early for several reasons. 1 - I had no idea what was going on. I knew an outbreak would most likely occur today between 3 and 5, but as 3:00 pm approached, I needed more information. I needed a TV. 2 - Jordan and Hanieh were both dismissed from their employers to take shelter. This tipped me off as well; people had a reason to seek shelter. 3 - Duncan Dog was safe in his crate in the laundry room, but not knowing what was going on made my heart hurt. 4 - I heard that these storms were going to be similar to May 3 tornadoes (which was a horrible tornado that struck Moore in 1999).

Once home, Duncan and I started getting important things together. It's time like this that truly make you think what is important and what isn't. My short list included: Bibles, passports, SS cards, marriage license, wedding video, wedding pictures, computers, camera, video camera (which I spent 4 minutes videoing the house for any documentation purposes), external hard drive, bottle water, food for Duncan, books (Jack's MBA books and our small group book).  Also, somewhat surprisingly, rainboots, umbrella, hammer and batteries made it into the closet with us.

We watched the weather on the TV until we lost power for a brief second and as the sirens sounded, we headed into the closet. We were in there for about 10, maybe 15 minutes. I was able to text my mom pretty easily. We turned on the radio (which also made the list) and listened. Praise the Lord, we are safe and unharmed. The tornado took a spin north and I believe let up significantly as it approached our area. The sirens stopped and Jack emerged from closet to turn the TV back on. Duncan was certainly the guard dog for those minutes; he snuggled up to me and even sat all 70lbs of him on my lap.

This was when Jack was watching TV, post sirens. He kept his cool.

Whoa, big tounge giving me kisses.

talking. wearing ski goggles.
Once we had the all clear, we sat on our bed watching the weather on the TV and the rain come down. Just heavy rain, strong winds, and some tiny, tiny hail.

We are so thankful to be safe, but our hearts are hurting for those in El Reno, Guthrie, Piedmont, Goldsby, and Joplin.

We are also thankful my sister and family are safe. They took shelter when the storms reached the Tulsa area. My 3 year old niece even packed backpacks for herself and brother. I'm not sure what was in the backpacks, but I'd imagine it's their favorite toys.

What a night. We are tired and ready for bed. Goodnight.

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  1. Glad everyone is safe! I hope we don't have to deal with that again for awhile :)