Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Today is a rainy Saturday. Jack and I are content in staying inside, but sweet little Duncan wants to play outside. He gazes out the backdoor, perhaps singing, "rain rain, go away, i want to play with jack today". Maybe it will let up a little for him to go romp and chase some varmits.

Since it's a inside day, we have several ideas for our day.
--Watch Lord of the Rings (Jack's personal favorite)
--Back up all computers (My favorite)
--Laundry, a necessary weekend activity
--Bake something : cookies or a cake!!
--Clean the dreaded study/Duncan's room.

Perhaps my cake could look like this... yeah right.

Who know what today holds, but it will be a good one since I have Jack and Duncan around!

Thanks for reading!

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