Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day in Bixby!

My mom, Jack and I headed up the Turner Turnpike on Saturday to spend some time with the Harpers. We had so much fun; the kids did too!
Ava adopted a caterpillar and named him Spikey. He ate an entire leaf in front of us! It was really cool.

Maggie played on the fort with Uncle Jack. She loved going down the slide! 
They also played on the swings.

Mr Henry played peek a boo with me! He has four teeth! 
We tried crawling, but he wasn't too interested.

We had so much fun! Mom played IT Support and helped Alicia set up her wireless network. Maggie helped by saying "Hi Grandma!" every few seconds. We had so much fun! We love you Harpers!

Jack and Kayla

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