Sunday, April 4, 2010

Duncan Hoards....

It has come to our attention that there is a chance Duncan Dog is a hoarder.

Exhibit A. 
That picture was taken from our bedroom window. Since the weather has been nice, Duncan hangs out by our bedroom window, where he apparently keeps his "toys". Perhaps he is just created smiley faces, however, Jack and I tend to believe he is hoarding.
1. Doormat. This doormat has become his romping friend. It came with our house when we started rented it; Duncan took an immediate interest since it has fringe. 
2. Red Frisbee. This was a durable, un-chewable frisbee. Duncan overcame that challenge and chewed a hole through it. 
3. Blue Frisbee. This is the halftime training backup frisbee. According to Jack, it doesn't fly as well but Duncan is still able to train.
4. A piece of a hose. When we brought the grill up, we also brought up the hose. This was apparently not an approved move by Duncan. It wasn't even 12 hours before Duncan made the executive decision to chew the hose up. Needless to say, Jack and I are in the market for a new hose.

We love Duncan and Duncan loves us. We are lucky that he keeps his destroying/hoarding habits outside. Inside, he only steals shoes (and slobbers on them), paper towels from the trash can (he shreds these) and he takes his sheepskin bed out from his crate (and sometimes shreds this, but mainly will come up and rub it against you). We are super lucky he doesn't like chewing furniture or carpet. He has so much love to give!!
We love you Big Boy Duncan Geurkink!

-Jack and Kayla

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