Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Dinner

After weeks of staring at our grill, sending good vibes to it's inner beings in hopes it would start working, we finally decided we would (and by "we" I really mean Jack) go get a part from Sears in hopes it would correct the issue.

It did. Thank goodness, because we were tried of pan grilling everything.

So, to welcome it back, we grilled chicken and potatoes!
My wonderful mother in law bought Jack and I magazine cookbook all about chicken - my favorite meat ever. In there, was grilled potatoes - we thought it was a perfect night to try something new for potatoes - my favorite side dish.
yup, grilled potatoes. delicious.
We will definately be grilling more potatoes in the neat future.

What can I say, I love chicken and potatoes - everyday.
-jack and kayla.

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