Sunday, July 17, 2011

We got a pool!!

we have been waiting for this day for several weeks!
Nice blue, cool water.

Jack preparing Duncan for all sorts of fun.
 Don't even think about inviting yourself over to enjoy this pool with us....
It's just a dog pool for Duncan.
 With these ultra hot Oklahoma tempatures, we haven't been leaving Duncan outside all day. We try to use our lunch break to let him inside to cool off for the afternoon, but sometimes, our schedules don't allow us to leave work for an extended time. Next  best solution - a dog pool!
Duncan loves anything to do with water.

He jumps in and out of the pool, just like he does at the real pools.

We hope he will learn that it is really just to help cool him off during these hot hot days.

To relax, stay cool and have a some fun.
We hope this pool will last us more than a week. If not, we won't be horribly upset as it wasn't a pricey investment.

Stay cool!
-jack and kayla

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