Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

We are having such a wonderful weekend. We find ourselves extremely busy most weeks and this was just the weekend we needed to get recharged.

Friday night, we attended a couples shower for a our friends in our small group. They are getting married next weekend, but we unfortnately can't go. We are so exicted for them and we loved celebrated with them.

Saturday, we headed to Norman. We took my car to the dealer for some routine maintenance. While it was in the shop, we headed to the pool. It was smokin' hot - the heat got to Duncan Dog and we had to end his day of swimming early. He was bummed, but he wasn't feeling well, so a nap was welcomed. We finished out Saturday with a wedding of family friends of Jack's. What a great wedding! Both the bride and groom are from Norman, plus the bride is a Kappa, so we knew tons of people. In fact, Jack's cousin was a bridesmaid, while his other cousin on the other side of the family was in attendance, and my cousin was there! Only in Norman.  Here are some pictures:

Julie is getting married next weekend!

Jack's sweet cousin Jillian.

Allison - my great-grandlittle.

Jack loves these boys, Sam and Will.

Now it's Sunday and we are still enjoying this weekend. We have another busy week ahead of us, so recharge, recharge, recharge!

Even Duncan is recharging.
Enjoying your Sunday, recharing for your week.
-Jack and Kayla

P.S. - There's a turtle in our back yard.

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