Saturday, April 30, 2011

Updates from the Garden

The tomatoes, basil and cilantro are doing great. Growing a little bit and handling the wind ... well, the best little plants can.
The tomatoes.

Cilantro and Basil.

Fast forward three days. Disaster strikes.

Jack texted this picture to me while I was at work.

Where is the pot?!
Oh, there it is.
Turns out Duncan got the best of the basil pot. Hoping for the best, Jack replanted the basil. Dig deep roots - grow!
Grow basil, Grow basil! We need you!

Looks like nothing happened.. but we know better.

We aren't sure how the basil will turn out, but we will stay optimistic. Meanwhile, we are drafting up ideas to protect our plants from Duncan Dog. It will probably involve a small picket fence and a sign "stay away Duncan!".

He nailed the "who me?!" look.

-Jack & Kayla

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